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Star Math

STAR Math helps you determine the math level of each student, measure individual and class growth, and forecast results on standardized tests. Students can complete the computer-adaptive assessment in less than 12 minutes, and you get accurate, reliable, norm-referenced scores immediately!

Find the Right Level. With STAR Math, you can instantly determine placement levels for all students, place them in appropriate Accelerated Math libraries, and forecast outcomes on high-stakes tests.

Get Results Quickly. STAR Math computer-adaptive testing delivers helpful, time-saving data within seconds after a student completes the test.

Measure Student Growth. STAR Math reports provide objective information to help you monitor pretest and post-test progress, compare students to national norms, and place new students.

Predict High-Stakes Test Results. Validated with a national sample of nearly 60,000 students (producing a very high test-retest reliability range of 0.76 – 0.87), STAR Math results correlate to popular district and state tests, including ITBS, CAT, SAT, and Terra Nova.

Assess Students When You Need To. STAR Math is easy to use and simple to understand. Students enjoy computer assessments, with no testing anxiety or frustration. You test students on your schedule—when it is most convenient for you.

Access Information Easily. Renaissance Place stores information from all your Renaissance applications and state tests in a single database that can be accessed from any web-connected computer.

The instant a student completes a 12-minute STAR Math test, you can view the results you need to provide personalized instruction. It’s as easy as 1–2–3.

  1. Student takes the test. Questions continually adjust to the student’s responses. If the student’s response is correct, the difficulty level is increased. If the student misses a question, the difficulty level is reduced.
  2. You get results. When testing is complete, STAR Math provides you with 16 detailed reports to help you instantly place new students and identify those who need individual help.
  3. You make data-driven decisions. STAR Math makes it easy to provide instruction at the appropriate level of challenge for each student using Accelerated Math.

STAR Math features computer-adaptive technology. This means that each time a student answers a question correctly, the following question will be more difficult. And if a student responds incorrectly, the program adapts automatically by reducing the difficulty of the next question.